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My Story

Hello, I'm Mel.


My journey to self-discovery and self-love came after suffering with debilitating anxiety, agoraphobia and PTSD for many years. I honestly did not think I could ever feel like me again. I felt like I was drowning in my own thoughts, suffocated by a job that I did not enjoy but was too fearful to change anything about it.


I felt consumed by my past and nervous about my future. All aspects of my life felt suffocating, motherhood, my career, my home life. Something wasn't right and I just didn't know where to start or how. I spent years pretending to be happy and content, years that then lead to my body to start physically reacting to the suppression I had inflicted upon it. 

What I have learnt during my journey is that growth does not come easily.

For years I was searching externally for a quick fix, just anything to make the feeling stop! It wasn't until I started to question my own sanity in a moment of pure desperation and exhaustion, that I made a decision to finally face the uncomfortable. Something I had avoided for years. 

I have spent years dedicating my heart and soul to guiding others because

I never want anyone to feel the way I did. There is a way out, there is beauty amongst the chaos, you just have to stop the noise and allow yourself to live a life you truly deserve. 

My book Stop - Breathe - Reset is NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON. 

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