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30 Mindset & Affirmation Cards


Product Description: 
Thirty A7 reversible mindset cards.

£15 including delivery

Sometimes one sentence of encouraging words is all it takes to shift our focus to a more positive mindset.

Some ideas for how to use the cards:

• Leave them in places you walk past frequently e.g. the inside of your front door, mirror or fridge.

• Use them as bookmarks in your journal, diary or planner.

• Add them to a wire memo board.

• Create an encouragement mood or vision board.

• Send them to friends and family with an encouraging note on the back to share the positivity.

• Use them as gift cards for special presents.


Minimalist New Year Resolutions Sheet Document (1).jpg



Product Description:

Downloadable pdf.

• Positive reflection sheet that works a reminder of how far you have come whilst you plan for the year ahead. 




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