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One--to-One Sessions:

Change does not have to take months or even years, with the right tools and techniques you can completely transform your thought patterns to actually work for you rather than against you.

Mindset Coaching can help with the following;

  • Overcome Anxiety & Agoraphobia. 

  • Identifying Fears, Limiting Beliefs / Barriers and Self-Sabotaging Behaviours.

  • Work on Self-Awareness / Core Values.

  • Learn to be Present.

  • Set Specific Short or Long-term Goals.

  • Visualisation Techniques.

  • Tools to Relax - Reset Mind-Set.

  • Help Modify Habits.

  • Accountability / Responsibility.

  • Mindfulness Techniques.

  • Meditation & NLP Techniques.


Workplace Well-Being Sessions:

This is a great way to increase employee well-being and helps reduce anxiety and depression.

The sessions involve;

  • Meditation + Visualisation Exercises.

  • Mindfulness Techniques.

  • Group Discussions.

Mindfulness for Kids:

Age range 7- 11.

I will equip your child with life long skills. Mindfulness will help them grow in awareness and implement, healthy and positive changes to their mindset and life.

This has had a positive impact on children really suffering with anxiety and low self-esteem. Sessions are tailor made to work specifically for what you feel your child/children need(s). I always make lessons fun, creative and as engaging as possible.

Here are just a few areas Mindfulness Coaching can assist with. 


  • Understanding Thoughts + Feelings = Actions.

  • Self-Awareness Exercises.

  • Understanding + Reframing Anxiety.

  • Mindful Art.

  • Strengthening Confidence. 

  • Shrinking Fears / Phobias.

  • Calming Down Techniques.

  • Focus Exercises.

  • Quieten your Inner Critic.

  • Building Positive Habits. 

  • Future Focused Exercises. 

  • Mindful exercises.

  • Meditation.

  • Visualisation.

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